Solar connection board

Solar connection board is a very important part for constituting solar energy generating unit, which guarantees safety of unit by protecting inverter primarily in case abnormal voltage or current occurs, and is also a device for protection of unit when problems such as fire due to earth fault current occur.

The Jo Eun Energy produces 50KW (10CH) and 100KW (22CH) products directly at the factory in its headquarters, and achieved convenient construction, improved safety and functional product by introducing patent and upgrading existing solar connection board.

Product Specifications

Model KS-J50 KS-J100
Size W550 × H350 × D180 W650 × H980 × D280
Method Central Central
Type Indoor    Outdoor    Exposed    Reclamation   
Wall    Standing
Indoor    Outdoor    Exposed    Reclamation   
Wall    Standing
FUSE Fuse 1000V, 20A
Circuit Breaker LS Electric, TD100N(100A, 42kA, 4P4D), FMU Type LS Electric, TD250N(200A, 42kA, 4P4D), FMU Type
KS Certification Certified Certified
SPD 1000V 40kA 1000V 40kA
IP Marking 55 55
Number of Channels 10~12CH 22~24CH
Measurement DC A-M, V-M DC A-M, V-M
+,- lead-in type Longitudinal separation type (Designed to reduce outbreak of fire while working or under maintenance)
Bottom of enclosure PG-Type cable grand (Convenient to finish and prevents alien substance/excellent waterproofing
Material Quality BOX SUS 304. 1,5T
DOOR SUS 304, 1.5T
Inner plate Paper based Bakelite 5T

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