All-in-one high efficiency solar system

All-in-one fire extinguishing type including all the products that constitute solar energy power plant / Improved power conversion efficiency / Strong durability It is our patented product with excellent ability for fire prevention.

Product Specifications

Model TJE-100 TJE-50 TJE-30
Size W1600 × H1500 × D830 W1600 × H1500 × D830 W1600 × H1700 × D830
Inverter Capacity/Quantity 100kW/1 50kW/2 34kW/3
Inverter connection board type Central Type Central Type String Type
Number of inverter (DC independent) MPPT 1EA 1EA per inverter -
Measuring Device KUD0100,A-M DMR-100,
ZCT(Ground fault protection)
UVR(Under Voltage Relay)
OVR(Over Voltage Relay)
UFR(Under Frequency Relay)
OFR(Over Frequency Relay)
Type Indoor    Outdoor    Exposed    Reclamation    Wall    Standing
Circuit Breaker Distribution board LS Electric Distribution board LS Electric LS Electric
Connection board LS Electric, TS250N
(250A, 50kA, 4P4D),
FMU Type
Connection board LS Electric, TD160N
(100A, 50kA, 4P4D),
FMU Type, 2EA
SPD Distribution board AC 40kA Distribution board AC 40kA Distribution board AC 40kA
Connection board DC 1000V 40kA Connection board DC 1000V 40kA
Connection board Heatsink O O Inverter all-in-one connection board is used
Number of Channels 22~24CH 20~12CH
Patent application Natural air-cooling solar connection panel patent applied (No. 10-1954411) Patentee: The Jo Eun Energy Co., Ltd.
Fire-extinguishing system O / Automatic fire-extinguishing device (inside of connection board) - Optional
Fuze 1000V, 20A
Material Quality BOX SUS 304,1.5T
DOOR SUS 304, 1.5T
Inner plate Paper based Bakelite 5T Paper based Bakelite 6T
P-cover PC3T

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